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A Death Note from a Death God

The manga is about a notebook dropped on Earth by a Shinigami, or a Death God. Light Yagami is the one to find the book and discover its supernaturel power to kill the person you write the name on it. It is the DEATH NOTE.

Wooden Spices Box

The test

Light Yagami, a smart student decides to test the Death Note by writing down a name of a criminal sentenced to death

To kill for a better world ?

The assasin died as predicted. This gives the idea to Light to clean the World from all humans who are murderers. He wants to create a new world cleansed of evil and become the God of this New World. So he starts to kill criminals on a large scale.


But L is watching and the fight begins

A mysterious detective known as L, is requested to investigate on what it was considered as the crimes of a serial killer, even if the victims are, for the time being, people sentenced for murder.

The Manga is the story of the fight between Light Yagami, i.e. Kira and L, two teenagers superiorly clever. They will enter an intellectual fight without mercy. And the interest is to follow the investigation of L and the smart moves of Light to escape from L.

Example image - aligned to the right
From left to right: L the detective, Light Yagami the student, Ryuk the Death God


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