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The Chûnin Exams: The tenth question

The test is a written test: 10 questions to be answered, but only 9 are on the paper test. The last one, the tenth question is directly asked to the participants at the end by the examinator.

Zabuzo Fight
The participants are challenged by a difficult questionnaire.

The student has 1 hour to complete the questionnaire. Each participant starts out with a total of 10 points, and for each question you get wrong you lose one points. If you ever reach 0 points you and the rest of your team will be disqualified..


Naruto Land of Waves 2
the examinator
Naruto Land of Waves 3
Naruto seat-by
Naruto Land of Waves Fight
The ninjas who are cheating are disqualified.

While the exam takes place several Middle Ninjas watch over the participants. Their job is to look for anyone who is cheating, and kick out anyone who reaches a score of 0. When they see someone who is cheating they penalize them for 2 points.

But the most (and only) important question is the last one: the Tenth. The examinator asks if you want to continue but warns that if you fail all the team members will be disqualified and you will remain a Low Level Ninja forever. In case you choose not to continue you have the chance to come back next year to pass again the exam.

Naruto Results of Exam
Naruto passsed the first test along with 78 ninjas.

Finally only the tenth question was taken into consideration to evaluate the ninjas. So if a ninja shows the determination to continue, he passes the test even if he didn't answer correctly the 9 questions. Naruto, interestingly enough didn't write down a single answer, but expresses such a strong will to go ahead that he was successful, as well as the othre members of Team 7.

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