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Naruto, The story (8):
The Chûnin Exams: The Forest of Death

The 2nd exam is a survival exam in a circular region surrounded by 44 locked gate entrances dubbed the Forest of Death. There is a river, a forest, and in the middle is a tower.
The exam consists of a competition over two scrolls - the scroll of Heaven and Scroll of Earth - which are evenly split among 26 teams. Each team receives either a scroll of heaven or a scroll of earth. To pass, a team must bring both scrolls to the tower within 5 days. That means at least half (at least 13 teams) won't pass.

Zabuzo Fight
Anko Mitarashi, the proctor, explains the goal of the second test.

Anko Mitarashi, the proctor for this test, gives the rules as follows:
A team that cannot bring both scrolls (one of the Heaven and one on the Earth) to the tower with the three teammates will fail. Any team that loses a teammate or produces an unrecoverable teammate will fail. Teams are not allowed to look inside scrolls until they reach the tower.

Naruto Land of Waves 2
The Team 7 in the Forest...
Naruto Land of Waves 3
... establishing a strategy
Naruto Land of Waves Fight
First appearance of Oroshimaru in a fight against Team 7.

In this episode, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, are for the first time in front of the malefic Oroshimaru. To get the missing roll, Oroshimaru will deploy his technics in very powerful fights against both Naruto and Sasuke.
Naruto will be swallowed by an enormous snake created by Oroshimaru, while he will fight Sasuke. But Naruto was able to escape the snake stomach and join the fight between Sasuke and Oroshimaru.

Sasuke vs Oroshimaru 1

Sasuke and Orochimaru in a mercyless fight

Sasuke vs Oroshimaru 2

Sasuke delivered a fierce attack called The Dragon's Flame Jutsu

Oroshimari bites Sasuke

Even defeated, Oroshimaru with amelted face, was able to make a revival and bite Sasuke

Naruto and Sasuke inconcious

At the end of the fight, Oroshimaru left Naruto and Sasuke inconscious to the care of Sakura

After a brave combat, naruto was defeated and let unconcious. Sasuke and Oroshimaru continue the fight. After a long, difficult battle, Sasuke seemingly ends the battle with a blast of fire to the ennemy ninja's face. However, the ninja awakens with his face partially melted off, . Extending his neck, he bites Sasuke and leaves behind a cursed seal. The ennemy ninja reveals himself to be Orochimaru, wishes Sasuke luck in surviving, and leaves. Sakura who was still safe, brought Sasuke and Naruto in a safe place and took care of them, hoping they will survive and wake up soon.

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